Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Field trip

Today my boyfriend and I took a day trip to the Field museum. It is by far may favorite museum. I have been there too many times to count but it still seems new and exciting every time. The building is so beautiful. What I love most about the Field museum is that you can get lost in it's corridors for hours and still only have seen a small portion of the museum.  My favorite exhibits are the Egyptians and the dinosaurs (I mean come on, we have the most complete T.Rex in the world!). There are hundreds of icicle lights up for the holiday season and it looks so magical. I suggest that if you can, take a trip out there as soon as possible :)

--Also, whales originally were land mammals...who knew?

No pictures of me and the boyfriend, apparently asking people to take our picture is too "nerdy"? My bad, so only photos of the great hall from today. It really was such a fun trip though. I love you Chicago!

I am now off to bake some pies for tomorrow. Can't wait to spend time with family and friends. Hope you all have a lovely holiday.
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