Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012


For todays post I thought it would be fitting to talk about my valentine - my boyfriend Brian.
I haven't shared much about Brian on here up until now, so here goes nothing...

First of all I just want to say that -
Brian is my main squeeze - the peanut butter to my jelly if you will - yin to my yang. I don't know what I would do without him some days. He is the most laid back and up beat person I have ever met, which is great because I tend to be tense and anxious far too often.

We have been dating for -
Just over 2 years now. We don't have an exact number of months, hours, and minutes counted like some because we don't have a set anniversary. We also broke up for 3 months after having dated 3 because he studied abroad in England for a semester - we got back together as soon as he got off the plane though :] But that also complicates things when choosing an anniversary.

How we met -
I stalked him. Alright - a bit of an over-statment, butttt I did notice him long before he noticed me. I transferred schools my Sophomore year of college and spotted Brian moving in across the breezeway. I would see him from time to time getting on the elevator and I thought he was pretty cute but of course I never said a word to him.

Speed up a year later to mid October - our friends had an apartment where everyone would hang out and throw parties. At one of those parties I saw Brian and decided I had to do something (act like a little girl and tell all her friends she thought he was cute). Half way through the party my ex (yes this was super awkward) walked up to Brian and told him he should talk to me - and guess what! He did :] Unfortunately the party was winding down and I am pretty sure it got relocated to someone elses house so I didn't see much more of him that night. The next morning I received an fbook message from him asking if I was going to another party later that night (yes all that ever happened on weekends were parties in my college town). We met up later that night and chatted the night away, yadda, yadda, yadda next thing I know we are hanging out every day digging one another :]

Today -
Here we are today happy as clams. I love him so incredibly much. As for our valentines day plans - I am cooking him dinner (stuffed shells and bruschetta) and we are staying in to watch a movie. Brian isn't big on Valentines day, this is our 3rd, but this year he is acknowledging it and i'll take it, haha. I am not that big on the holiday either - I just like that it is another excuse to eat chocolates and snuggle up to my cute boyfriend.


[This goofy pic was taken at my birthday last April. To explain the caption: my room mate had a bachelorette disposable camera because it was on sale.]

Hope you all have a great day!

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