Monday, January 23, 2012

Most wanted Monday - Lace

I am a sucker for anything lace. It looks so delicate and feminine. I love how intricate and unique each piece is. I am not one of those girls who dreamt up their dream wedding at the age of 5 but I can tell you that I will be walking down the aisle in lace should that day ever come. I know a lot of girls may find lace tacky but I absolutely love it and I don't foresee that changing any time soon. Todays theme is dedicated to lace. Here is a list of lovely lace items from around the internet. Enjoy...or despise :] ** Please click on the items name to be taken to it's page for more information.


****Update/Featured on**** Madeline Quaint created a fun hair extravaganza post over on her blog. I was lucky enough to be a part of the post. Madeline creates fun illustrations on her style and art blog. Please stop by and check out her awesome blog today, along with her latest post. I really think you will enjoy her blog :] CLICK HERE.

1.) Ivy & Aster - HELENA

2.) ASOS - Cotton Lace Blouse With Double Collar

3.) ASOS - Crochet Lace Tights

4.) Anthropologie - Sessile Harvest Top

5.) Anthropologie - Chained Lace Bib

6.) White Owl - STELLA

7.) Fred Flare - Jeffrey Campbell Lace Lita Platform Boots


Hope you all have a lovely Monday :]
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