Friday, February 10, 2012

Award & a tad more about me

So I was lucky enough to be passed along the versatile blogger award by the sweet Camille at Garden Gnome Arts. While her blog is still new to me I have liked what i've seen. Great DIY tutorials etc. Check her blog out today!

Once you receive this award you are to list 7 random facts about yourself and then pass it along to 15 people. While I am honored to have been given this award I feel like these awards can be a hassle some times for fellow busy bee's so I opted not to tag anyone - but if you want to do the 7 random facts you definitely should :] Here are mine. * WARNING you may think I am an odd ball after this one...

1.) I am one of those people who dressed up to the Harry Potter movies. I love me some Ron Weasley. While we are at it - I LOVE GINGERS :]

2. I am the most accident prone, clumsiest, and easily bruised person on the planet. That beaut ^ my friends is from falling over a chicken wire fence (in the dark), after running frantically to find my friend (running ex interference). I still have a bruise/scar? and that was last spring - awesome. The student health services employee's became my besties that summer.

3. I had my septum pierced for a week (I am the one in the middle). Of course I got it done right before my Mom and I were supposed to go to Florida for her birthday and it got seriously infected. The morning of our flight I had to go to the walk in clinic and the doctor got a metal cutter to cut it out of my nose while 6 nurses all watched. YIKES. While I was crying and having the thing literally cut out of my head I pointed out that it just twists off - phew. Thankfully I made it out of there fast and we got on the plane just in time. I had an interesting story for the flight there...

Random high school shot - has nothing to do with this next fact, only that it is about the age that it happened

4. Alrighty, this may creep all of my readers out - I have dissected a cadaver. Yes you heard me right. In highschool I took a very in-depth year long Anatomy course. Students with the highest grades had the opportunity to go to a local college and take part of a cadaver dissection. I wanted to go to school for pharmacy or possibly CSI (I was really into that stuff then) so I thought this would be a great learning opportunity. While it was a unique learning experience, looking back on it I wish that they wouldn't have offered that for high school kids. While some high school students are mature, others are not even close. A lot of students who went on that trip I felt were unprepared for the experience (although the teacher took all the steps you possibly could to prepare us). Anywho. I will leave it at that. And as for pharmacy school - I went to Loyola for pre-pharmacy my Freshman semester in college but I decided graphic design was really my passion and calling.

5. I love me some show tunes! I sat front row for Wicked :] My mom - being the luckiest woman I know won us the tickets in a raffle right before show time. It was incredible. My mom instilled in us (my brother and I) a love for music and theater. This rubbed off on my brother because he is going to school for musical theater and will be on Broadway in a few short years. We have been lucky enough to have had season tickets the past few years and we have seen some incredible shows - Wicked, Westside Story, In the Heights, Hair, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, La Cage Aux Folles...

Just for fun here is my brother singing some John Denver for my mom (who was unfortunately at home) on the Great Wall of China...and me and him on the way down from the wall, aaand some cute pandas - I'll post more of my travels another day :]

6.) I used to paint and do other fun artsy things. However, since studying graphic design I have gotten side tracked. I would like to take up painting and drawing again. This painting is from my painting I class in college of a fennec fox, it is not much compared to my extremely talented friends who go to school professionally for it but I miss making art for fun.

7. I love to play dress up. I am sure this stems from when I was younger - I never left the house without a dress on. I used to have twirling contests with my friends. Anywho, nowadays I love any excuse to get dressed up. Themed parties are my favorite along with Halloween.

???????????????????Got Questions???????????????????

I apologize, this post is all over the place. Another fact about me - I apologize for EVERYTHING. It is an awful habit. Yikes. I thought it might be fun for next week to answer some questions you may have for me. So if you have any - ASK AWAY!
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