Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Polka & Plaid

Last weekend my roommate and I went to some antique/thrift stores in Galesburg, Illinois. I have never been to Galesburg before and it was a cutesy little town with what seemed like and antique shop on every corner - some were shady however. The first store we entered I was surrounded by vintage toys and clothing - needless to say I was in heaven. I picked up the cutest light green plaid coat this side of the Mississippi!


Allison, why are your photo colors all whacky today? Well...yesterday when I shot these photos it was raining so I took them inside. The indoor lighting was super off so I decided to push it to the extreme rather than trying to fix em. Anywho, I will take more photos of the coat in the future :]

10a 9a

I love the details on the coat. The cute white and blue plaid stripes, white color, and tiny square brass buttons. I paid a bit more that I would have liked to on any thrift outing - $40 - butttt it is vintage, fit like a dream, and was too cute to pass up.

6a 2a 1a

Incase you are curious what I am wearing underneath - I am wearing a blouse from my trip to Japan. The blouse is one of my new favorites. It is light pink and sheer with cream polka dots. I also love that it has a peter pan color, bow tie, cute flower buttons, and lace cut out in the back. Thank you Japan!! Haha.

Outfit Details: Coat - thrifted | Top - Japan | Jeans - Urban Outfitters | Bag - Kohls | Flats - Rampage.

Hope you are having a great day. Mid way through the week - wahooo!

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