Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Childish Tendencies

I had a great childhood. When I think back to all the crazy road trips my parents dragged my brother and I on and all the stupid things I did as a kid I can't help but smile and laugh. Some days I wish so badly that life were still as easy and carefree as things were back then. When your five you don't care about how you are perceived - you're just you, and that's that. Take it or leave it. You also didn't know genuine pain, heartache, or loss (hopefully) yet. It was a beautiful way to be... Can you tell this weather is getting to me? The trees need to turn green already.

Anywho, let's turn this back around? What I was trying to get at is that although life can get rough at times we all hopefully have some sweet childhood memories to hold on to and cherish. There are also some things we just won't grow out of. That five year-old you lives on in one way or another. When I was a little I dressed up as a princess every day. I kid you not. I didn't own a pair of jeans until the 4th grade! While I may not dress in sequins (every day) anymore, I still love to dress up. This pinafore outfit makes me feel like a kid again. All I need now is a pinwheel and some pigtails.

IMG_1958 IMG_1950

Outfit Details: Pinafore & purse - thrifted, Tights - Target, Shoes - Urban Outfitters.

When I saw this dress on a rack a the local thrift store I thought that it looked neat but I was afraid it was too "groovy" for every day wear. This dress sat in the back of my closet for a good part of the year before I decided to give it a twirl over Easter weekend. As soon as I put it on I fell in love. I felt like a grade school girl all over again. What makes this look even more special is that it was handmade. Someone put a lot of time and love in to this dress and I am so glad that it found a new home with me.

I am all over the place today, aren't I? The rain and season change has my head stuck in the clouds. I will get back in to proper blogging groove shortly. I just felt like rambling today.

Have a good day everyone! Tomorrow I plan to share with you all my 1972 Schwinn Breeze estate sale find :]
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