Thursday, September 6, 2012

School's out for-ever!

Hi all! How goes it? Today I am carrying on with my thrifted finds theme. The dress in this post was thrifted at an all night flea market I attended a few weeks back. The flea market runs from 4pm-4am and you are asked to bring your flash lights. Talk about an adventure!! It was at our local country fairgrounds and had dozens of fun stalls to rummage through. They even had celebrities!! Eddie Munster was there, haha. He looked nothing like how we all remember him (obviously, he grew up) but it was sort of cool to see. They also had some old James Bond girls, ex-wrestlers, storm troopers, and satan santa (he scared me really bad). They have another one running the week of Halloween and I just might have to attend.

I found - quite possibly my favorite thrifted dress - EVER - in a stall near Eddie Munster. It is a hand made little gem with the cutest little details. I love the giant bow around the collar :] The dress was also only $10!


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