Monday, February 4, 2013

Life Lately - Moved In

Hi guys! How are all of you? Did you have a good weekend?? I can hardly move... in thanks to my move. I am officially moved in an living in Chicago. Carrying my life up three flights of stairs was intense, thankfully, I had my two male room mates, their friend, and my dad to do the heavy lifting. I am sure my mom and I could have carried the queen size mattress (couch, two chairs, dresser...) up the three flights of stairs, but I wanted to be done with moving in before sun rise the next day. Aside from the snow on move-in day everything went smoothly. After having a few hours to settle in I hit up the town and met up with some old friends and had a blast. Chicago is right where I should be and I am looking forward to the new adventures.

I already miss sweetpea like crazy - look at those cute puppy dawg eyes^! I am happy to announce that at least my closet is up an running. Having a walk-in closet is AMAZEBALLS. I even have enough room for Abrahammy to live in there (surprisingly my closet is warmer than my room so it is the best spot for him). I still have quite a bit of configuring and decorating to do but I will keep you all updated with the progress.

I am so excited to no longer have a commute. I am getting 4 hours of my life back and I can return to blogging as usual - phew. This week I have some goodies planned starting with a Valentine's day giveaway tomorrow! See you then :]
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