Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hi all! How goes your week? Mine has been slightly uneventful and ordinary but there are still a couple of days to turn things around. I finished the latest season of Arrested Development last night. The season didn't get good until the last few episodes in my opinion. What did you all think? I am just rambling. Like I just one of those weeks.

I took these photos a couple of weeks back and was feeling slightly patriotic at the time. Let's be real though - I feel patriotic practically any time I wear blue with my red hair and deathly pale skin. I need some sunshine - stat!

aDSC_0015 Untitled aDSC_0008

I could not get the wrinkles out of this dress. I tried! I need one of those fancy steam machines, pronto.

Outfit Details: Dress (worn previously here), ice cream pin, & bag - thrifted, shoes - DSW.

I wish I could raid June Cleaver's closet and that all my dresses were cut like this. Cute and modest with enough twirl potential.

Friday - please come quickly!! Have a good day everyone.
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