Monday, December 10, 2012

Seeking Style

Hello Shy Scout readers! I’m so excited to be bringing you another installment of Allison and I’s Seeking Style series. 

This time, I want to discuss individuality and personal style a bit further. Growing up, as I said in my last post, I’ve had many different phases and styles. The lesson to learn from this trial and error system is that it’s very difficult to find one’s own unique style, and channel this into our daily outfits. My primary problem was finding something that truly fit “me”. 
After a few times of trying different outfits, I learned that I enjoyed a bit more of a grunge vibe, with ripped jeans, comfy shirts, and boots. It took me a while to get to this type of signature style. I tried being girly, I tried being preppy, I tried being sporty. Then, I finally realized that the one thing I wasn’t being, was me. One day I came home, took everything I owned out of my closet and drove over to the closest thrift shop and donated the rest. This cleansing of all these types of clothing that weren’t “me” enabled me to start fresh. I went shopping, with the money I got from selling the clothes, and bought a few simple pieces. I bought some combat boots, a few nice t-shirts, and some jeans. In this process, I learned that I love accenting outfits with bright colored jewelry too. And voila! I had finally found my own unique style.

photographs courtesy of google images

This was my method of going about it. But, I realize every girl is unique in how she approaches channeling her own style. I think a great way to get started is just sitting down with a stack of magazines and collaging together the pieces that stick out the most. This is an awesome way to mix and match, without actually heading out and paying big bucks for an outfit you might end up disliking. Take your time, channel your creativity, and find what really speaks out to you. Maybe stick up photos of some of your favorite fashion icons for further inspiration. A couple of mine are featured above. This is another method that I still use, and will always continue to use in order to channel my own personal style. 

Thanks so much for having me!
-J from My Life in Lavender 


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