Friday, March 9, 2012

Thrifted - Home goods

Hi all! I realize I usually post about thrifted items on Thursday but yesterday was a bit busy - working on some freelance projects and dinner with the boyfriends family. Anywho, I thought it might be fun to show you a few items from around my apartment that I thrifted over the years. Looking at the items you can see that my apartment is a bit eclectic.


Washington portrait - I picked up this fine looking picture of George a few years back. While he isn't Abe, he is a close second in my list of favorite past presidents. I picked him up for a dollar at the Salvation Army.


Floral mirror - This is one of my favorite thrifted finds. The mirror was originally a copper color but I wanted a project so I spray painted it a light greenish-blue. I picked this up for under 5 dollars! The detailing on it is perfect, you instantly feel fancier looking into it.


Mustard chair - Everyone seems to be drawn to this chair. The great thing about it is that there are two! My mom has the other chair at her house however. I have had people offer to buy it off of me - no joke! We picked them up at a garage sale a few years ago for $10. They are the comfiest things to sit in and I love their color.


Wooden unicorn plaque - This plaque is so ridiculous I had to buy it (a problem I have with a lot of thrifted purchases). Thankfully it was less than a dollar so I considered it a steal.

Have you guys thrifted anything wonderful lately? I need to start selling some of my finds because it is getting out of control.

I am not sure if I will post again this weekend. My roommates friends from Kentucky are coming in to town tonight along with her brother, and tomorrow my mom and sweetpea are coming to visit. Our apartment is going to be packed with guests. If I don't post again - have a lovely weekend everyone :]

Sneakpeeq Winner!


Congratulations Alice Lee of Little Llama. You have been randomly selected and have won the $20 gift card to sneakpeeq! The money will be credited to your account shortly. For everyone else who participated - thank you. I hope to have a new giveaway soon :]

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