Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - Zig zag


Hellllloooo warm weather! It has been in the 70's the past two days and I can't say I am upset about it. I currently live in a college town - haven't moved out yet since graduation - and it is their spring break this week. Since I only am working freelance at the moment I thought I would pack up and head home for the week. It has been so nice to get a way for a small break.

aaDSC_0016 aDSC_0011 aDSC_0034

Unfortunately right after taking these photos sweetpea got really sick. I had to carry her a block and a half home because she couldn't make it on her own. I got a bunch of stares...oh well, whatcha gonna do? Last night we had to rush her to the hospital. They checked her out and sent her home with a bunch of meds... I hope she gets well soon, I hate to see her with those sad brown eyes. Please send her good vibes!


On a lighter note - tomorrow I plan to get my thirft on (I was going to go today but I need to be pea's nurse)! I love the thift stores by my house and have to do my rounds at least once each time I visit. I want to find some new skirts to twirl in. I also really want to stop by Sonic for some slushies :]

Outfit Details: Top - Petticoat Alley (my roommates)| Skirt - H&M| Shoes - Target.

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