Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrifted & Gifted

Hi guys!! Happy Tuesday to ya. Skipping Toy Army Tuesday this week because my cousins drove in last minute and I didn't have time for photos - wah, wahhh. My mom also has this week off for vacation so we have been trying to fill our days with fun things. Yesterday we took sweetpea to the city and walked around Millennium park aaaand later in the afternoon we saw Magic Mike - ahahaha. So many screaming ladies in one theatre and a lot of nearly naked men - eeep! Today we are going to see Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth house (for real this time!!) - it rained during our appointment on Sunday :-/

Untitled Untitled

A little about this outfit - the beautiful top was gifted to me by one of my blogging besties. Thank you again so much! I have had so much fun wearing it and have gotten a bunch of compliments on it. I love anything lace so it was right up my alley. I am still on the look out for the perfect prezzie in return :] I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people I have met blogging. I am continually blown away by all of the sweet bloggers I have come across. I am so glad to have met you all!! Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hey - your comments and support mean so much. *end sappy (but true) mushy gushy stuffs* Haha. As for the pencil skirt, it was a fun thrift find from last summer.

Outfit Details: Top - Gifted, Robin-K | Bag - Urban Outfitters (old) | Skirt - Thrifted | Flats - Me Too.

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Can't wait to celebrate the 4th-O-July tomorrow. Not entirely sure what my plans are just yet, but fireworks will be involved :]
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