Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's in my bag - Japan edition

Hi guys! So I am off on my journey in less than 24 hours - wahoo!! I am beyond excited. Thank you all for the sweet comments wishing me a good trip. I will be sure to take plenty of photos, and hopefully keep you posted while I am over there.

I thought it might be fun to do a short - what's in my bag - Japan edition to show you how I got ready for my here it goes.


From top left to bottom right - The entire top row is dresses. I wanted to be able to dress up a bit on the trip but still stay comfortable. Middle row consists of tops. I packed a sweater, some long sleeves, and short sleeves to have options. I heard it has been going from the 30's in the morning to the 60's in the afternoon so layering is essential. The bottom row consists of some more tops and tanks, bathing suit, skirt, tights, a pair of jeans, and leggings.


Top to bottom - Two belts, bath stuffs, tights, goldfish for the plane (still need to pick up some stuff to read...), yen, eos lip balm, ipod, makeup case, journal, camera, purse, and shoe options.

And of course...the most essential item...




Just kidding. She will do just about anything though, haha. She fits in my bag with her bed and blanket and still has plenty of room.

I can't wait!! Ahhh. Anywho. I have some incredible ladies stepping in for me while I am gone. Please be sure to check their upcoming posts out :]

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