Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hi all! Happy 2013!!! I hope you all had a fun ringing in the new year with loved ones. I will tell you more about my night later on in the week. I had to write this ahead of time, because let's be real, I am probably going to sleep all day since I have the day off ;]


This is the dress I would have worn last night had I had been blessed *ahem* with double D's. I thrifted this dress at the designer sale. It fits me perfectly...except for the top. The top was designed for someone with proper flotation devices, haha. I wish I had the top taken in but unfortunately put it off until last minute. Would have been a fun NYE look, right? Anywho...

Last year was exciting - I started this blog, traveled to Japan, and scored my first "big girl" design job in the city among other things. However, I am looking forward to making this year even brighter. While my year may have ended in heart ache it has made me a stronger person. I am excited to focus on myself this year and get back to finding what truly makes me happy.

2013 Life List:
- Move to the City (this is already being worked out - wahoo!)
- Open the ShyScout store (coming to you some time this month!!)
- Get back to a happy blogging balance - I have missed you all so much.
- Swim at a beach in Chicago.
- Get my second tattoo.
- Roadtrip(s) - Nashville, Badlands, Canada.
- Camp.
- Host a party.
- Take up drawing/painting again.
- See more shows.
- Learn to cook.
- Fly away somewhere.
- Improve my photo skills.
- Read more.
- Dance.
- Live in the moment.
- Open my heart to new people and things.

I keep adding things daily, but I think this is a good foundation to start from. I have no clue what is in store for me a few months down the road - I am excited though :]

I hope all of your new year's are off to a good start!
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