Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!! My weekend has been lovely. Friday my mom, sweetpea, and I drove up to Milwaukee to pick up free books for her clients children. We passed up the Jelly Belly factory though due to time constraints. We did, however, stop at the Cheese Castle and picked up some cheese curds :] Later that night my boyfriend's band had a show back in town. Yesterday my room mate and I went to some antique/thrift stores and found some excellent finds - I can't wait to show everything off later this week! Anywho, today I am busy looking for jobs...wooo.

A few weekends back my mom and I took goofy pictures of sweetpea in hopes of getting her on t.v. I also recently downloaded the instagram app for my android. Here are some of the out takes via instagram :]


Tailgate gear




Sweetpea's Wardrobe Wednesday look

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Haha. I think you get the PICTURE ;) I can only imagine what my future children will have to endure... Do you dress your pets up in ridiculous get up?

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