Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - Mustard

Hi all! I bought some mustard colored tights a few weeks back from Target and have been wanting to wear them ever since. My go to tight color is black, so I have been in a desperate need to switch things up a bit. Starting with the tights I pieced the rest of this outfit together. I kept the look simple because the tights are so bold.

I wore this look out on Sunday to our friends show at a local bar. The tights were quite the conversation starter. I had originally taken outfit photos the same day but hated how they came out, so yesterday I took my photos out in public for the first time - EVER. *gasp!

Alright, yes I was out in public, but I definitely took the photos behind a shed at our local park so the basketball players wouldn't see me. Haha! Do you ever get comfortable taking your own outfit photos? I was so sick of taking photos indoors.

Outfit Details: Dress - thrifted | Belt - thrifted | Tights & Shoes - Target | Bag - Silk Market, Beijing.

I can't believe Japan is only 4 days away!! I am headed home in the morning to get everything in order for my trip. I need to run through my closet tonight and pick out outfits. How do you prepare for a trip?
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