Saturday, February 4, 2012

Holy guacamole & grilled cheese

Last night I was checking up on blogs I follow and stumbled upon a yummy looking bacon guacamole grilled cheese on OhSoLovelyVintage's blog. You can find the post HERE. And the original post with recipe on ClosetCooking HERE. I changed up the recipe a bit - got rid of the bacon. I have been working on eating an only pescatarian diet. So I swapped the bacon for tomatoes. Yum.


I live on a budget so none of my ingredients were too fancy.

2 slices of wheat bread
2 slices of cheddar cheese
3 tablespoons guacamole
1 sliced grape tomato
A bit of butter to put on the bread


Take each slice of bread and butter one side. Place one of the slices of bread along with a slice of cheese in a medium heat pan - cook until cheese starts to melt and outerside turns golden brown. Repeat with the other slice of bread and cheese. Once each side is ready to roll, pile up all other ingredients and enjoy!


It was so yummy. I made two - I was hungry. Nom, nom, nom :]


I am sure that it is delicious with the bacon. I will have to try the original recipe with fake bacon next time I pick some up at the store. Have a lovely weekend, for real this time!

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