Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest post - C'est la belle vie

Bonjour, readers of Shy Scout! My name is Charity, and I blog about style, thrifting, and the college life over at c'est la belle vie. I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Allison while she is in Japan--I'm also jealous, but we can talk about that later. ;) Since I know Allison loves thrifting, I thought I'd show y'all one of the crazier pieces I thrifted recently: a floor-length, 90s, snakeskin print dress. 

I saw it for $4 at a tiny thrift shop and couldn't help myself! My boyfriend, roommates, and mom all laughed when I showed it to them, but that didn't tamper my love for it. I live in a very casual college town, so it may seem a bit much, but it was one of those pieces where I knew I'd regret not buying it later on. The tiny old woman who runs the thrift store raised an eyebrow while ringing it up for me, but I'm pretty sure that meant she wished she'd found it first. Right?

I love to pair vintage pieces with modern, trendy pieces, so I styled the dress with this structured white blouse from Buffalo Exchange and black booties + a neon necklace from Charlotte Russe. I'm thinking of cutting the dress to make it higher in the front, so it's shaped kind of like this--what do you guys think?

excuse my pale legs--they haven't seen the sun in MONTHS. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Allison for letting me share! Can't wait to see photos from Japan. For more style and thrifting posts, find me at c'est la belle vie!

xoxo Charity
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