Monday, August 27, 2012

Life Lately

Hi lovelies!! I apologize for my week long absence. Last week was beyond hectic juggling work, life, and sanity. Everyone has those weeks though - some times you just need to take a step back. I am back now though!! I will have the winner of the beautiful floral crown giveaway tomorrow. I was busy busy this weekend with a wedding and moving my brother out of his summer job/camp and the weekend sort of slipped away from me. Anywho... be on the look out tomorrow to see if you won. I hope you all have been up to fun things. I can't wait to sit down and play catch up. I am typing this post in the car at 11 at night headed home from the city so that I can drive right back in less than 8 hours - wah wah. I am looking forward to a less chaotic week :]

Other than work, what have I been up to?


1. Shopping! Alright, just DSW - but I did find two fantastic pairs of shoes for 70% off!
2. Buffalo Nickel, found this gem while rummaging around in my moms purse for change at dinner one night. Didn't get to keep it, but it is pretty neat. It is from 1927.
3. Flashback Friday - this photo is old but Brian and I went out on a nice dinner date Friday and were able to relax after crazy days at work.
4 - 5. Wedding in Chicago. My mother's friend from work got married on Saturday on a ship at Navy Pier. After the vows the boat set sail and we cruised around Lake Michigan. It was such a beautiful wedding.
6. Grandma's heirloom - I wore my grandmother's ring to the wedding and I just wanted to show it off. It is one of my most special possessions. I never got to meet her but she sounds like the sweetest lady.
7 & 8. Mission - Thrift. I had a $25 coupon to an antique mall by my house that was about to expire so I made a point to get my shop on this morning before I left to pick up my brother (the now 6 hour excursion :-/ ). I picked up the cute pear teapot that I have been eyeing for ages and the pretty cameo set :] A little pick me up to end the crazy week/weekend.

Also on the bright side - I saw a crazy huge and vivid double rainbow for about an hour on the way home from my brothers camp. It sure was beautiful.

I am sorry if this is a bit all over the place. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I am still here and working so hard to get back on the blogging track. I have so many fun ideas swirling in my head - now I just need the time. Hope your weeks are off to a good start. I have some fun posts for this week :] See you soon!
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