Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Growin' on up!

Hi guys! Remember me? Sorry for the short absence. I needed to work on getting in to the swing of things. What thing(s) am I referring to? Welp, an hour and a half commute for starters. I found myself my first "big girl" design job in the city!! I have been a bit nervous to share it with the world...but it is about time. I work in a pretttty hip part of town with a really nice group of people. I love what I do each day and am so excited to be putting my skills to use :] Thank you all for the good vibes - they sure paid off.

Working full time has taken some getting used to. How do you all find time for staying on top of blogging after working 9-5? (technically 7-7 if you factor in the commute) I am thinking I need to start blogging ahead on Sundays. La,la, la....rambling. I am excited, overwhelmed, and happy as can be.

Aside from working I have been hanging out with friends and family enjoying the last bit of summer we have left. I have also been enjoying my garden...

aDSC_0043 aDSC_0044 aDSC_0049 aDSC_0052 aDSC_0061 aDSC_0063

Squash, tomatoes, cucumbers (etc.) - oh my! My lunch has been pretty tasty, haha. I am so glad to be back. I missed you all. Hope you all are having a beautiful day!!
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