Monday, March 5, 2012

Most Wanted Mondays - Set sail

I have only been sailing once. My family and I rented a small sailboat one day while in Rhode Island. Since both of my parents grew up there they know how to sail and all the terms that come along with it. My dad tried to explain to us what each thing meant and when you had to move. My rebellious middle school self just let all the information in one ear and out the other. When it was time to have the sail move to the other side of the boat everyone quickly ducked to the other side except me. The boom(?) nearly knocked me into the ocean. Whoops. Thankfully my dad caught me in time. I haven't been sailing since. Aside from me nearly being knocked overboard it was a lot of fun. Yeah, yeah...get on to the goods, right? For today's post I thought a nautical theme would was appropriate since I am currently missing the ocean.

1. ModCloth - Rachel Antonoff Crimson and Collars Dress.

2. ModCloth - Merry Mariner One Piece.

3. ModCloth - Sip at Your Own Risk Tumbler.

4. ModCloth - Yawl Come Back Dress.

5. Sevinoma - Navy, Nautical Sailor, white Sailor anchor earrings.

6. ASOS - Liquorish Scenic Boat Print Dress.

7. ASOS - Sailing Boat Over The Knee Socks.

8. ASOS - ALDO Chiou Floral Boat Shoes.

9. ASOS - Sugarhill Boutique Sailor Dress.

10. Atpalicis - Blue sailor wolf.

11. Rhymes With Ellie - Knox the Nifty Knit Narwhal.

Have a great Monday everyone :]
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