Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mini Life Update

Hi guys! For those of you in the U.S. I hope you had a lovely Fourth of July, for all of my other ShyScout readers - I hope you are having a great week! My week has been fun-filled and jam-packed with things going on. Tuesday my mother and I visited the Farnsworth House, all I have to say is - WOW.

Alright, that isn't true at all. I have a whole post about it coming up, haha, but that was my initial reaction. Later that night Brian and my family watched some fireworks on the golf course :] For the Fourth of July my mother and I made sure to take advantage of the half off sales at our favorite thrift stores.

Later in the evening I bbq'd with Brian's family. Today I am off to Chicago, please send me some good vibes!! I am leaving it at that for now. Tonight my brother's show of Footloose opens (he is the lead!!). I am really bummed that I am unable to see the opening show, but can't wait to see it Friday night. Break a leg Henry - love you!! Anywho, I am rambling. I just wanted to stop by and say hey. I will catch up on all of your lovely blogs tonight or Saturday. Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Also - If you haven't done so already, could you please take a moment to fill out my survey on the right sidebar of this page? Thank you!
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