Monday, May 14, 2012

Mini weekend update

Hey guys! I am skipping Most Wanted Mondays today due to a wicked head cold I picked up on Saturday. Since Saturday I have been slowly fighting off the cold and unfortunately do not have much energy or desire to do too much. This weekend was still fun. Many of my friends and boyfriend graduated - congrats guys! Also many of us moved out of our places for good. It is strange leaving a place I had lived for four and a half years, however, I am excited for a new adventures.

Friday I packed up the rest of my apartment and helped my boyfriend move out of his. Later that night a bunch of our friends enjoyed a bonfire. Saturday morning I moved out and later that afternoon was Brian's graduation. Afterward we had dinner with his family and I said goodbye to the town for good. Yesterday was Mother's Day and I took my mom out for lunch and to see Dark Shadows with our man Johnny - he was looking good even as a vampire.

Image source: Warner Bro's.

I really liked the movie. I mean - c'mon - Johnny is fantastic, dreamy, and it was set in the 70's so the film had awesome tunes. A win - win for me. Later this afternoon I am going to help my mom set up her garden. I hope some fresh air and sunshine will kick this cold's bum. Anywho, hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!

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