Saturday, March 3, 2012

My stylish surprise(s)

Hi all, I apologize for not posting yesterday. My room mate and I did a bit of spring cleaning around the apartment and that ate up a lot of my day. Anywho, let's get to the fun stuff. As I told you earlier in the week, I bought two stylish surprises from ModCloth, and guess what! They are here :]

aDSC_0026 aDSC_0005

I received a beautiful navy blue lace top by MM Couture. And...


I also received a maxi dress and/or skirt by BB Dakota.

I love both pieces and thankfully both fit just right. I was so excited that the items shipped so fast too (they got here yesterday but I didn't wake up to hear the mailman). Now that I have caught the ModCloth bug I want to go on a major shopping spree but must refrain (someone hire me?). After Japan and scoring my first "big girl" job - it is on.

I will show off my pretty necklace from Grace and Viola in my Wardrobe Wednesday post next week. I am off now to go run some errands. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

Did you get a stylish surprise? I would love to see what you got! Also, have you entered my giveaway? CLICK HERE for more details.

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