Thursday, April 25, 2013

1972 - A good year

Hey guys! How goes it? I am pretty excited the weekend is just around the corner. My boss has been out on vacation and I have had to pick up all the slack - there are only two designers where I work (him being one of them) so I have had a lot to stay on top of. Eeep!

Anywho. I haven't posted any thrift finds on here in awhile (or much else for that matter) so I thought it would be fun to show off one of my semi-recent finds. I found this beautiful 1972 Schwinn Breeze at an estate sale on St.Patrick's day, isn't the color perfect for the occasion?

1971 Schwinn Breeze 1971 Schwinn Breeze 1971 Schwinn Breeze 1971 Schwinn Breeze 1971 Schwinn Breeze

I have dubbed her Schwinny. I went to the estate sale late in the afternoon hoping they still had their pyrex collection but I was out of luck - thankfully, everyone failed to notice this beauty in the garage. Everything on it is original and functions except for the back wheel which I had to have replaced. I am so glad warm weather is right around the corner so that I can show off my new ride :]

Have any of you thrifted anything neat lately? I would love to hear about it! Have a good weekend everyone.
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