Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifted Thursday - Worldly

Hi all, Another Thrifted Thursday here. I have been working on cutting down on my thrifting excursions. I just donated 4 trash bags worth of clothing and other items - eeep! It sure feels good though to clear up some space around here. I also am in the process of setting up an ebay account to sell some items that need new homes :] With that being said let's move on to the goods, shall we?


This little Buddha makes me so happy. How could you not smile while looking at his sweet grin and round belly? He is a sign of joy and wealth - two very wonderful things. I picked him up about a year ago for under $2 :]


Oh, you know...just an original Vincent van Gogh...reprint. Haha. So nothing too special other than the fact that I love his sunflowers. I like that it was printed on canvas instead of poster paper and that it brightens up just about any room. I thrifted this piece before starting college. An oldie but a goodie.

Untitled Untitled

I thrifted this guy Sunday afternoon seeing as he was half off. It depicts - Yeibichai, the Night Chant - which is a ceremony held once the snakes are asleep in order to cure patients of nervousness and insanity. If performed improperly the singer or patient may lose their hearing, sight, cause facial paralysis, or crippling of the legs or arms - bummer. I only know this because the of the story attached to the back, haha. I personally thought it added to its charm.

My friends and I are headed out on the town tonight. Pretty darn excited. Anywho, have you thrifted anything spectacular lately? I would love to hear about it.

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