Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my favorite woman in the world's birthday - my mom's. She is the strongest, silliest, and most caring lady I know. I would be so lost without her. I look forward to more years of crazy adventures with her by my side - whether it is jumping on Orlando Bloom's car, attending all night flea markets, or laughing until we nearly drown at a man in a speedo while snorkeling - there is a never a dull moment. For today's post I hi-jacked some cute photos of her from our family albums (sorry in advance mom).

aIMG_3309 aIMG_3310 aIMG_3306 aIMG_3304

Mom - I hope you have a beautiful day and I can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow. I love you as big as the sky :]

End mushy-gushy post. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!
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