Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Toy Army - Calliope Jackalope #1

Hi all! How are you doing today? Hope your weeks are off to a good start. The beginning of the month is always hectic for me at work so I am counting down to the weekend. This weekend I am going to see my brother in A Chorus Line - pretty darn excited. A bunch of his friends from school/work are in this production so it will be nice to see them all together again. Anywho...

Toy Army Tuesday is back again. I have added quite a bit to my collection recently and am pretty excited to show everything off. Instead of overwhelming you all with it all at once I thought I should break it down. Today is all about - Calliope Jackalope #1, by Kathie Olivas - my favorite artist in the world of toys.

I showed off some of my first few pieces by Kathie last year in case you want to catch up. For a quick summary of her and her work: "Kathie Olivas is an internationally exhibited multi-media artist from New Mexico. Through her current body of work, the Misery Children, she explores society’s insatiable desire to assign ‘cuteness’ and our discomfort with the unknown. A dark blend of early American portraiture set in post apocalyptic times, Kathie’s paintings and custom toys are a satirical look at how fear affects our sense of reality." - kathieolivas.com

Calliope Jackalope #1 Calliope Jackalope #1

Now that you are caught up to speed you can meet Calliope Jackalope #1. Calliope is made of sofubi, aka - soft vinyl and was produced by Tomenosuke and Circus Posterus (a small collective of fine artists established in 2007 by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters). This specific piece was created for the 2012 DesignerCon and was limited to 120 pieces. Each piece came signed and numbered in individual bags.

Calliope Jackalope #1

Isn't she adorable? This January they released Calliope #2 which is ivory colored. I don't own that particular piece - just yet. I love the robins egg coloring on this piece and the adjustable legs are fun allowing the piece to sit on the edge of just about anything. I also have an artist's proof print of Calliope which I will have to share some time soon. She is one of my favorite characters.

Next week I will have to introduce you all to the wonderful world of Skelves! Have a good day everyone.
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