Monday, January 30, 2012

Most wanted Mondays - Birds of a feather

Growing up one of my fondest memories is of the owls. On top of my childhood home we had this awful 14ft bird cage looking antenna. I met people who knew my house before they had even met me due to the crazy contraption on top of our roof. You would think that we had excellent TV channels to choose from, but the truth is that we didn't even have cable. Our house was constantly being hit by lightning. Why we didn't bother to take the crazy thing down until we moved is beyond me, but anyways... The one great thing about that 14ft antenna was that it attracted the owls. For a few years, late at night when everything was quiet, you could hear the owls "whoooing" on top of our roof. My mom and I would sneak outside to look up at them and watch them fly off into the darkness. Since then I have loved anything and everything owl related. I have accumulated quite the collection of owl items and thought for this post it would be fun to make a list of owl and bird related items. Enjoy :]

ASOS - Simeon Farrar Shoulder Tie Dress With Owl And Pussycat Print.

ModCloth - Nocturnal tights.

ASOS - Lipsy Playsuit In Feather Print.

ModCloth - Prismatic Plumage Headband.

ASOS - Revive Mini Skirt In Feathers.

Sukan - Red Linen, White Felt Birds Pillow Cover.

TevaGallery - Owla.

ModCloth - Shirley's Heron Cardigan.

Black Sparrow Jewelry - Solid Brass Starling Bird Skull Necklace.

ModCloth - Peng-when You Wake Up Mug.
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