Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life Lately - Dixon, DH, Dresses

Hi all! Hope you have been having a wonderful weekend. My weekend has been a lot of fun. Friday after work I drove with my friend Lindy to visit our bud Billy at his families restaurant - the Dunton House or Arlignton Heights - we enjoyed some yummy food and Billy's company. After Billy got off work we headed over to a piano bar in town - the piano man was not that great but everyone was grooving to his music, haha. It was a lot of fun. Yesterday I went shopping and thrifting with my mom. We started out by visiting Brian at his stores grand opening and then headed over to Marshall's and Good Will. Later that night Brian and I celebrated his brothers birthday and then went out on the town with some friends. Overall - a pretty fun and productive weekend.


1&2 - My mom, pea, and I roadtripped up to see my brother in Cabaret last Sunday. While driving there we drove through Dixon - home of Ronald Reagan.
3&4 - Lindy, Billy, and I at the DH.
5 - A few dresses and owl salt and pepper shakers I picked up from Marshall's.
6 - $4 dress from Good Will.

I am excited for this week aaaand I just may have a giveaway headed your way :]
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