Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toy Army Tuesday - Domo-Kun

Another installment of Toy Army Tuesday here. Today I thought I would tell you a little about Domo-Kun (aka Domo here in the states) and show off my mini collection in the process. I remember first seeing Domo-Kun online in high school. His odd shape and strange expression initially caught my eye.

For those of you unfamiliar with Domo-Kun he is the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station. Cute mascot huh? Domo-Kun was created in 1999 to promote NHK’s satellite broadcast service. Domo-Kun is a monster who hatched from an egg and lives in a rabbit hole with a wise old rabbit and REALLY likes T.V. You can view a compilation of all the stop motion Domo-Kun vignettes HERE.


My collection consists of a large and small Domo-Kun plush (the small one unfortunately has yet to be unpacked) and a set of slurpee straws from the 2009 7/11 promotion. The straws just may be my favorite Domo-Kun items I own. They had come out in the fall of 2009 but I was oblivious to the 7/11 promotion. In January I found a photo of one of the straws online and made it my mission to find one. I went to about 6 different 7/11's all over the area to track them down but every single one was sold out since the promotion had ended months before. At the 6th store, however, I found a huge pile of them on super sale and snatched them all up. I think the best part of collecting is hunting down the items you want.

I did see Domo-Kun products all over Japan while I was there but didn't purchase any. It is fairly easy to find him here in the states - Target for example has his plushes out and about for just about every holiday. The halloween and Valentines day ones were pretty darn cute. Do you own and Domo-Kun items?

Have a beautiful day everyone!
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