Saturday, January 14, 2012

That Girl

Hi everyone! Do you remember Ann Marie (played by Marlo Thomas) in the show "That Girl" from 1966? Alright, I wasn't around when it came out but I have fallen in love with her in the reruns. Ann Marie is a girl from a small hometown who moved to the Big Apple in hopes of an acting career. In the series she works a variety of temp jobs to pay the bills. The show was unique for it's time because it showed a single woman living on her own. Ann Marie is a silly girl with incredible style. Check out the shows intro HERE.

Photocred: these photos are all from Fanpix.

Isn't she lovely? Her hair, make up, and CLOTHES - I have a style crush! I thought it would be fun to pull out some pieces that were reminiscent of Ann Marie. All of the items were pulled from ModCloth, mainly because I have been on their site looking at clothes more than I should lately.

that girl

1. Posh Pursuits Blazer // 2. Perfect Picnic Top // 3. Mod for It Coat // 4. Spacebar Heel // 5. Little Bow Peep Toe Heel in Champagne // 6. Stack Time Heel // 7. Drop Waist By to Say Hi Dress // 8. Sun Up to Sundown Dress // 9. Pop Girl Dress

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