Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seeking Style Series

Hello lovelies!! Happy Tuesday to you all. I am very excited to introduce a new series today on ShyScout - "Seeking Style". This is a collaboration between J from My Life in Lavender and I about our personal style journeys. Once a month we will share new posts about our journeys on each others blogs. Along the way I would love for you all to join in and share bits and pieces of your own journeys so that we can all learn and grow from each other. For those of you who missed it - I started out the series last month on J's blog - check it out HERE.

Now on to J's first "Seeking Style" post... enjoy!!!


Hello Lovely Shy Scout readers! My name is J and I blog over at My Life in Lavender. I'm a blogger, student, and fashion enthusiast with a passion for funky jewelry, photography, and music. Last month Allison and I started a fun, collaborative series called 'Seeking Style' where we can tell you all about our own personal style journeys!

I'm an individual with eclectic tastes, so my fashion sense tends to deviate depending on my mood that day. If I'm feeling sad, I'll go for darker hues and if I'm feeling vibrant I'll mix in some neons. Either way, it's pretty safe to say I can't dedicate one single word to describe my personal style. I've went through dozens of phases and have found that I prefer no labels. These are some photographs from a photography project I did focused on the different styles that encompass my personality. 

I believe that everyone is unique and how we dress is just another way to express our individuality. It took me a long time,and a lot of uncomfortable fashion disasters (haha), to come to that conclusion before I realized that they shouldn't be labeled as 'disasters' but rather just daring attempts at trying something new. Sometimes the looks failed and sometimes they worked. It's trial and error and I think that's the beauty of it! I'm super excited about this series and collaboration. I'm hoping to continue talking about the value of individuality and expression throughout the next few posts in this series and discuss how taking some style risks has changed my outlook on fashion and personal expression. 

Like Allison said in her post here, please feel free to share your own personal style journey's along the way! We'd love the input and discussion! 
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