Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi lovelies!

I am home visiting my mom for the long weekend :] Unfortunately this means my blogging is limited to using her PC with on again - off again semi stable wifi internet connection. This greatly limits my blogging abilities, so I apologize for not having a Thrifted Thursday this week, also for not getting back to your comments yet. I have read them all but am unable to write back at this moment, I hope to get to all of your comments tonight by the very latest. It is sad, but I get so jumbled when trying to use a PC after having used Macs for the past few years #graphicdesignerproblems. I am planning on some fun posts for next week, I just wanted to keep you all in the loop. In the mean time I plan on snuggling up with sweetpea and hitting up some new thrift stores with my mom. I can't wait!

Latest news: My first website design for a local business went live Wednesday. Wahoo. I feel weird sharing it on here/having it linked to my personal blog, so I have posted only a screen shot to show you the gist of it (I designed the logo as well). Overall I am happy with how it turned out.

Image from Jame Karas Reviews.

Wednesday night my Mom and I saw South Pacific at the Cadillac Palace. It was wonderful. I loved the story, music, and men in navy attire - what more could a girl ask for? I also want all of the girls swim suits from the show, they were adorable. If you haven't seen this show you should definitely check it out.

My bud Billy and I

Yesterday I visited two good friends of mine from school - Billy and Lindy. They graduated last May so I haven't seen them in awhile. It was so good catching up. I am so glad to be done with school but the one thing I miss is having all my friends so close by. With everyone graduated, or graduating shortly, everyone is packing up and moving all across the state and country - eeep! I really hope to keep in touch. I think I need to start writing some snail mail...

Anywho, I am off to get my thrift on. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! See you Monday.
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