Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bad Blogger

Hi Everyone! I hope your weekends have been full of adventure. I can't believe September has already flown by - yikes! Where did the time go?

I am here right now, posting later than usual to give you all a personal apology. I am so sorry for being a bad blogger. I am sorry for not keeping up on replying to comments and emails, keeping up on your lovely posts, and for complaining about not having any time. No one wants to hear it, I know. For that I am sorry. From here on out I am getting my butt back in to gear. I may post less, but I promise to do my absolute best to keep up on it all - no whining.

I have been slowly letting my blog slip away from me and letting you all down in the process. Sorry guys. Blogging should be light hearted and fun - I got in way over my head. I miss you all. Sorry! Take care :]

Monday, September 24, 2012

Life Lately - Fall Festivities

Hi guys!! Hope you had a beautiful weekend. I most definitely did :] I am loving the beautiful fall weather. The sunny skies and cool weather are the perfect combo. While enjoying the weather I have been a busy bee. Aside from work I have been working on side projects, thrifting, and going on adventures. Here is a mini glimpse in to what I have been up to recently.

Screen shot 2012-09-23 at 9.46.47 PM

Last week I finished re-designing Jessi from Haircut and General Attitude's blog header. It was another fun side project to work on. I loved playing with pretty type and using collage effects.


As I told you all last week - I helped shoot some new headshots for my brother. He was trying out for a new position and wanted an updated look. I really love how they turned out. This one was my personal fave.

1b8f055004d111e28a2c22000a1d0378_7 d4d7942e045311e2bf7c22000a1e9ddc_7

I made my thrifting rounds again this weekend. Another half off everything sale for fall - could not resist! I will share my finds on Thursday, but as you can see...pretty darn exciting, huh? Alright...I was excited at least.


Brian and I also went Apple picking. I will post more on this outing as well later this week but here is a sneak peak! I was excited to wear my new vintage coat from last spring.

5f136968050a11e2984822000a1cf771_7 be67eb96050a11e2b0f41231381418eb_7

Like my new specs??? These beauties were bought from the Ditto giveaway I won on Violet's blog. They are Jason Wu and so much fun to wear! Thank you Violet!!

Anywho... this post was a sort of all over the place but I felt like I had a lot to cover. The weekends seem to fly by these days. I also worked on a Seeking Style post for My Life in Lavender coming some time this week - I will be sure to let you all know when it goes live. *Takes a deep breathe. I am also going to try to make that vlog happen Tuesday night after work. *crosses fingers.

Take care lovelies :]

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wicker Park

Hi all! I am seriously loving how fast this week is flying by :] Anywhoooooo... as I told you all yesterday - I spent Sunday roaming around the city taking new headshots of my brother and taking some of my own photos along the way. It was such a beautiful day - warm, sunny, and the sunset was oh so pretty - perfect photo taking essentials. I wanted to show my brother where I worked so we wandered around my part of town. There are so many cool shops I still need to visit, I just haven't had the free time - yet. I will be sure to share them all as soon as I do though. I have spotted so many good thrift stores on my drive to and from work.

aDSC_0753 aDSC_0744 aDSC_0752 aDSC_0732

I need to move to the city already!! The two hour (each way) commute is starting to effect my mental health. Aside from that though - Chicago is so beautiful! I can't wait until I have enough money too afford a brownstone home. Until then your typical low end city apartment will do, haha :] Going about finding a room mate is a bit scary though. Any tips?

aDSC_0691 aDSC_0572 aDSC_0591 aDSC_0756 aDSC_0688

Outfit details: Dress - Kohls | Top - gifted from gifted from a blog bestie :] | Bag - Thrifted | Pin - Great Grandma's | Shoes - Urban Outfitters.

I am really liking this new outfit. I bought the dress from Kohls for work a few weeks ago but hadn't worn it until the other day. It needed a pop of something to give it some life/ make it more me. I remembered the cute top that Roni had gifted me (thank you again!) - and viola!! It helped add a retro feel while covering my shoulders. I love finding new outfit combos that have been sitting in my closet all along - wahooo. I can't wait to wear this number to work!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tickle me pink

Hello lovelies!! How have you all been? I feel like it has been awhile. Did you all have a nice weekend? I spent my weekend mostly in Chicago. I hung out with some friends Saturday night and then took new headshots of Henry on Sunday - I was also able to take some outfit photos out and about for later this week :] That night I also saw Moonrise Kingdom at the discount theatre. It was sooo good!! I am so glad I was able to catch it on the big screen before it was too late. I want all of Suzy's dresses!!

Anywho... Today I decided to show off one of my Thrifted Finds from the Labor day thrift sales. This dress is pretty simple but I love it's length, cut, and sleeves :]

aDSC_0005 aDSC_0003

Outfit Details: Dress & bag - Thrifted | Belt - Dorothy Perkins | Shoes - DSW.

Saturday I spent the entire day rearranging and cleaning my room - ughhh. Butttt it did turn out nicely. I am going to attempt to vlog about it later this week. We will see how that goes... Haha. Have a beautiful day everyone :]

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman I know (inside & out of course)!!!

I don't know where I would be without you mom. Thank you for everything. From the celeb stalking, millions of hours spent thrifting, and random roadtrips - I am so glad to have shared each adventure with you. Tonight calls for prezzies, Stir Crazy, and some yummy angel food cake with mocha frosting :] Wahoo!!!

I found these photos of my mom in one of our family photo albums, they are two of my favorite photos of her from around(ish) the time she was my age now. Stylish, huh? ^^ Anywho... hope your week is going well. It has been flying by!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seeking Style Series

Hello lovelies!! Happy Tuesday to you all. I am very excited to introduce a new series today on ShyScout - "Seeking Style". This is a collaboration between J from My Life in Lavender and I about our personal style journeys. Once a month we will share new posts about our journeys on each others blogs. Along the way I would love for you all to join in and share bits and pieces of your own journeys so that we can all learn and grow from each other. For those of you who missed it - I started out the series last month on J's blog - check it out HERE.

Now on to J's first "Seeking Style" post... enjoy!!!


Hello Lovely Shy Scout readers! My name is J and I blog over at My Life in Lavender. I'm a blogger, student, and fashion enthusiast with a passion for funky jewelry, photography, and music. Last month Allison and I started a fun, collaborative series called 'Seeking Style' where we can tell you all about our own personal style journeys!

I'm an individual with eclectic tastes, so my fashion sense tends to deviate depending on my mood that day. If I'm feeling sad, I'll go for darker hues and if I'm feeling vibrant I'll mix in some neons. Either way, it's pretty safe to say I can't dedicate one single word to describe my personal style. I've went through dozens of phases and have found that I prefer no labels. These are some photographs from a photography project I did focused on the different styles that encompass my personality. 

I believe that everyone is unique and how we dress is just another way to express our individuality. It took me a long time,and a lot of uncomfortable fashion disasters (haha), to come to that conclusion before I realized that they shouldn't be labeled as 'disasters' but rather just daring attempts at trying something new. Sometimes the looks failed and sometimes they worked. It's trial and error and I think that's the beauty of it! I'm super excited about this series and collaboration. I'm hoping to continue talking about the value of individuality and expression throughout the next few posts in this series and discuss how taking some style risks has changed my outlook on fashion and personal expression. 

Like Allison said in her post here, please feel free to share your own personal style journey's along the way! We'd love the input and discussion! 

Monday, September 10, 2012


For anyone who hates the phrase - Yolo - "you only live once", sorry, haha. It was the theme of my weekend, or at least Saturday night because we found my friends Yolo glasses in his car. I had a nice relaxing weekend. I hope you all did as well. Friday night Brian and I stayed in and watched Braveheart, Saturday I ran errands with the ladies and then visited my friends Billy and Lindy later that night. I wish I lived closer to them. We all met in college and always have a blast catching up. I know I have only been out of school for slightly less than a year buttttt it sure does stink having all your friends spread across the state.

Anywho... Saturday night consisted of friends, midnight doughnuts at Spunky Dunkers - best name ever, aaaaand nickel sized spiders. All in all a GREAT night :]

This weekend is my Mama's birthday and my dad is in town for the week. Needless to say things will be busy on my end. I am loving this beautiful and cooler weather though - major plus.

How are things looking for you this week? Any fun plans?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

School's out for-ever!

Hi all! How goes it? Today I am carrying on with my thrifted finds theme. The dress in this post was thrifted at an all night flea market I attended a few weeks back. The flea market runs from 4pm-4am and you are asked to bring your flash lights. Talk about an adventure!! It was at our local country fairgrounds and had dozens of fun stalls to rummage through. They even had celebrities!! Eddie Munster was there, haha. He looked nothing like how we all remember him (obviously, he grew up) but it was sort of cool to see. They also had some old James Bond girls, ex-wrestlers, storm troopers, and satan santa (he scared me really bad). They have another one running the week of Halloween and I just might have to attend.

I found - quite possibly my favorite thrifted dress - EVER - in a stall near Eddie Munster. It is a hand made little gem with the cutest little details. I love the giant bow around the collar :] The dress was also only $10!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Holiday Thrifted Finds

As I told you all yesterday - I went a bit overboard this weekend with thrifting. Ha, oh well!! Everyone has their hobbies right? I couldn't pass up the spectacular half off deals on Monday. I also got my brother addicted to thrifting! He caught on fast. I am pretty sure he made it to all of my regular thrifting spots (there are a lot).

aDSC_0006 aDSC_0007

I lucked out this weekend and found a lot of cute clothes with a lot of fun details. I am only slightly disappointed that some of the dresses will have to sit in the closet until next spring. Oh well. The best find - the $1.54 Marie Antoinette-ish dress. Guess who I am being for Halloween? Anyone else already planning out their costumes? I most definitely am.

Speaking of costumes...

My brother, mom, and I definitely woke up at the crack of dawn Monday morning to be one of the first few people in line to score the following...


A chicken suit! Complete with the claws, haha. (the photo looks totally off because our backyard grass is completely dead thanks to the draught). I had spotted the suit earlier in the week and knew that it would be half off on Monday. I am so glad we got their first thing because my brother and some woman went for it as soon and the doors opened. Haha, guess who won?

I also scored some more fun stuff for the kitchen. Another mushroom print bread pan, frying pan, and sunflower pyrex bowl.


Oh...and this adorable suitcase!


Quite the haul. I am done thrifting for awhile. I need to free up some space. Maybe open up shop? We will see! Have a good day everyone!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Hi all! For those of you over here in the U.S.A., I hope you had a long and lovely weekend. Mine was fun and relaxing. The majority of it was spent with friends, family, and thrifting - my kind of weekend. Sunday night we saw Pat Benatar and Blue Oyster Cult in concert and all I have to say is that it was AWESOME! Tehehe. It was so nice to sleep in and have some down time. I also am looking forward to a shorter work week.


A little sneak peak from the weekend ^^^ I can't wait to share more of my thrifted finds later on this week. The half off sales were unbeatable. Definitely woke up at 8 yesterday morning to be the first in line to scoop a chicken costume...more on that story to come, haha.

Did you have a good weekend?


Speaking of wicked deals...
(haha definitely going to try to sell you on something now - so scroll down if you aren't interested ;])

Do you like to keep your beverages cold? Like to support local artists/businesses?
Shop Lo-Fi Supply !!

Lo-Fi Supply is a shop my boyfriend and our friend Garrett started up about a month or so ago. I have been meaning to share this on the blog but keep forgetting to bring it up...anywhoooo. They currently only have two koozie designs but are set on adding more shortly. They silkscreen each by hand. The "Don't tread on me bro" koozie is my personal fave. They also are only $2!

You will also receive other little goodies with your order - custom prints and stickers. Good deal, huh?

Haha, ok....I am not a salesperson at all. I just wanted to spread the word with you all. Have a beautiful day everyone. I will be back tomorrow with some bits and pieces of my thrift adventures.


Also, I am so behind on catching up on commenting back on your comments - I apologize. I read them all on my phone/on the go but haven't had much time to sit down and respond (I prefer to write back on my computer), and for that I am truly sorry. I love each and every one of your comments and I am working hard to make time to get back to you all. I am still working on finding my blogging balance. If any of you have tips - please share!!
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