Monday, January 16, 2012

Blythe update

UPDATE: My first Blythe is on her way home to me :]

She should be here Thursday or Friday. Eeep!!

Most wanted Mondays - whimsical retreats

As a designer I think it is only natural to have a deep appreciation for architecture. It is design in which the viewer can take in and literally inhabit. Sometimes I wish I were brilliant enough to be the next Mies van der Rohe, Oscar Niemeyer, Zaha Hadid, or Frank Gehry - but at least I can sit back in awe and enjoy their work. Today Most wanted Mondays is a compilation of beautiful architecture - with a focus on architecture interacting with it's environment - examples that I love and hope you will enjoy.

Inspiration to write this specific post came from watching a documentary on Mies van der Rohe’s, Farnsworth House. The house was completed in 1951 and is located in Plano, Illinois (why I haven't visited this site yet is beyond me - I may have to get married here - no joke!). Please visit the Farnsworth House's website HERE for more information. One lovely piece from the website which I think sums up the house is, "Every physical element has been distilled to its irreducible essence. The interior is unprecedentedly transparent to the surrounding site, and also unprecedentedly uncluttered in itself. All of the paraphernalia of traditional living –rooms, walls, doors, interior trim, loose furniture, pictures on walls, even personal possessions – have been virtually abolished in a puritanical vision of simplified, transcendental existence. Mies had finally achieved a goal towards which he had been feeling his way for three decades." *Sigh. Here the house is in all of it's splendor.

Located in Plano, Illinois - images by - JON MILLER, HEDRICH BLESSING, Farnsworth house.

Here are a few more places to drool over :]

Located in the Swiss Alps - VILLA VALS.


Located in New York - PRYOR RESIDENCE.

Located in Ontario - CLIFF HOUSE.

**Please note all of the images are from the architect's/buildings websites and are cited below (click on the buildings name for more information)**
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