Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apartment therapy

Hi guys! How's it goin. Wednesday already, wahoo! The beginning of the month is always a wee bit hectic at work so I am looking forward to this week being over. Anywho, I have some fun stuff to show off today - a little sneak peak in to my new room. I just have to say that decorating is not exactly my forte. I have collected a bunch of crazy stuff over the years and it kind of just ends up on my walls and all over the place, haha. If any of you have tips please let me know! I like the white walls at the moment so I don't have too much up just yet....

aDSC_0085 aDSC_0104 aDSC_0091 aDSC_0129 aDSC_0109 aDSC_0122 aDSC_0134 aDSC_0157

I think hodge podge and a rainbow threw up a little bit best describes my interior design aesthetic. Isn't my new kit cat clock wonderful? I just put him up on the wall last night (I took the room photos the night before, but he now lives in the nook on the empty wall) and he is so much fun to watch. I could also use some window looks directly in to our neighbors kitchen - yikes! All in all though I am starting to feel settled :]

Have a beautiful day everyone! Tonight at 6 p.m. I will be selecting the winner of my my Valentine's Day Giveaway from Maine Coon Crafts. If you haven't entered this is your last chance!! Good luck everyone.
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