Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ay, yi, yi!

Hi guys! It's Wednesday!! *Does a happy dance. Aaaaand even more importantly - Sweetpea is ok *jumps up and down like a mad woman. Poor pea got in to baking chocolate yesterday morning. Thankfully my mom caught her in the act and called the vet. With out grossing you out, they thought she had gotten it out of her system herself and told us to watch her. I was at work when this all went down and missed my moms frantic calls telling me to come home and take care of pea because she had to head to work. Worst drive home of my life - thankfully she was still up and moving when I got home. I have never seen her so sick and lethargic in my life though :-/ Poor thing. Around 10 last night she was able to hold down food and we knew she was out of the woods. *Phew. Sick furbabies are so sad. They can't tell you where it hurts or how bad it is. Anywho, thank you all for the kind words on IG last night. I was freaked out beyond belief.

Moving on to something a little more upbeat (not entirely sure how you smoothly transition after talking about a sick pup - forgive me)... a newly thrifted look!

aDSC_0083 aDSC_0090

I thrifted this cute basic black peter pan collar top along with the fun daisy pin a couple of weekends back at the half off sale. Score!! The skirt was thrifted ages ago. I am glad to have found a new spiffy work outfit :]

aDSC_0089 aDSC_0086 aDSC_0098 (My baby girl!!!)

Outfit Details: Top, pin, skirt - thrifted | Shoes - DSW.

I also re-dyed my hair last weekend. Life is good with newly dyed hair. Tehehe. Alright, I am going to go. I am writing this with Pea nestled in my lap and I think she needs some more lovies and tlc. Have a beautiful day everyone! Love on your pets for me and pea :]
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