Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rhode Island Round Up


Hi all! I am just stopping by to say a quick hello and give a mini trip update via some of my instagram photos. I have been having a wonderful time in the "the ocean state". The latest Miss America winner is from here (first time ever for the state), pretty cool right? Anywho...

1. Hit the road way later than originally planned.
2. Stayed over in Pennsylvania for the night and had a yummy breakfast at the cute restaurant next door.
3. Was stuck in horrible traffic shortly after this photo, thankfully the rolling hills sure are pretty.
4. I am staying at my grandmas and she has the cutest 60's sheets.
5. A silhouette of mini me. My grandmother had them done for her children and grand children :]
6. Clamcakes!!! I also had an Awful Awful (a Rhode Island milkshake), so I can cross them off my to-do list.
7-8. Saturday has been the only warm and sunny day :-/ thankfully we took full advantage of it and visited a few beaches. It was still too chilly to go swimming...and enjoy it.
9. Climbed on top of an old abandoned water tower from the 1800's at Brenton State Park. It is located next to the Carriage House, which is one of my favorite places to explore (you can see it in the back of the photo).
10. My summer home. Ha. Just kidding. Ocean Drive in Newport has an entire road of summer mansions from the Rockerfellers to the Vanderbilts. If only...
11. Later that evening we went to a Vegetarian restaurant - The Garden Grille - for dinner and afterward headed to their Wildflour bakery for vegan cupcakes - YUM!
12. The last image is another shot of Brenton State Park in Newport from earlier in the day.

Trip overload, huh? I also visited my grandfather twice in Connecticut, which was really nice. Tomorrow is our last day and I am spending it with some more family. Thursday we are leaving bright and early and heading to Canada! At least that is the plan as of right now... We thought it would be fun to stay by Niagara Falls for the night and finish off the rest of the trip Friday.

Phew. I will catch up on all of your lovely comments and blogs as soon as I get home :]

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


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