Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Toy Army Tuesday - Mahlimae

Hi guys! Toy Army Tuesday is back in full swing, and I have so many incredible artists and pieces to share. Today I am excited to share with you the very talented artist Nicole, from Southern Tasmania, Australia - aka Mahlimae.

Echo 10
(Echo 10, Mahlimae, from my personal collection)

Nicole of Mahlimae produces beautiful echo hatchlings. Her "work is pulled together by a common theme of possibility, a longing for connection and a intentionally simplistic form which aims to intrigue. [She finds herself] hopelessly drawn to the mystery of ancient Folklore, to the beauty in the darkness at the heart of a forest, to the energy which radiates from worn, tattered fabrics...[and she believes] there is much to be said for the subtleties in expression and much to be learned by allowing yourself to step outside the reality of the everyday." - For more about her and her work please visit her website here - Mahlimae.com.

Echo 10 Echo 10
(Echo 10, Mahlimae, from my personal collection)

How precious is this little piece? I initially stumbled upon Nicole's work via instagram and instantly fell in love with the sweet and simple expressions in her work. Nicole produces a small number of her echoes each year, so I was very fortunate (and woke up at 4 in the morning) to get one. I love her work because each piece seems to carry a world of secrets that they want share with you. She is definitely one of my most prized possessions :]
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