Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wicker Park

Hi all! I am seriously loving how fast this week is flying by :] Anywhoooooo... as I told you all yesterday - I spent Sunday roaming around the city taking new headshots of my brother and taking some of my own photos along the way. It was such a beautiful day - warm, sunny, and the sunset was oh so pretty - perfect photo taking essentials. I wanted to show my brother where I worked so we wandered around my part of town. There are so many cool shops I still need to visit, I just haven't had the free time - yet. I will be sure to share them all as soon as I do though. I have spotted so many good thrift stores on my drive to and from work.

aDSC_0753 aDSC_0744 aDSC_0752 aDSC_0732

I need to move to the city already!! The two hour (each way) commute is starting to effect my mental health. Aside from that though - Chicago is so beautiful! I can't wait until I have enough money too afford a brownstone home. Until then your typical low end city apartment will do, haha :] Going about finding a room mate is a bit scary though. Any tips?

aDSC_0691 aDSC_0572 aDSC_0591 aDSC_0756 aDSC_0688

Outfit details: Dress - Kohls | Top - gifted from gifted from a blog bestie :] | Bag - Thrifted | Pin - Great Grandma's | Shoes - Urban Outfitters.

I am really liking this new outfit. I bought the dress from Kohls for work a few weeks ago but hadn't worn it until the other day. It needed a pop of something to give it some life/ make it more me. I remembered the cute top that Roni had gifted me (thank you again!) - and viola!! It helped add a retro feel while covering my shoulders. I love finding new outfit combos that have been sitting in my closet all along - wahooo. I can't wait to wear this number to work!

Hope you all are having a great day!
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