Saturday, July 7, 2012


Footloose (photo from Timberlake Playhouse) Image source - Timberlake Playhouse's Facebook page.
(My brother "Ren" is on the left :] and Kyle "Willard" is on the right - his character was hilarious)

Last night my mother, Brian, and I drove up to Mt. Carroll, Illinois to see my brother star as Ren in Footloose. I know he is my brother and all...but was blown away by the show. Timberlake Playhouse consists of so many talented people and it shines through in each and every performance. I never got around to renting Footloose before the show opened but I am glad to have been able to see the show with fresh eyes. The singing, acting, and dancing were all perfect. I couldn't help but want to dance by the end of the show, haha. We all got teary-eyed watching it as well (even Brian), it was a pretty emotional piece. Anywho, bottom line - it was great!! I hope to be able to catch it at least one more time before it ends. They had to add an additional performance because all the others have already sold out! I can't wait to see Henry on Broadway some day soon :]

Footloose (photo from Timberlake Playhouse fbook) Image source - Timberlake Playhouse's Facebook page.

Obviously I couldn't tape their production - but here is a mix of the finales in the 1984 and 2011 movie productions - everybody, cut loose!! (Pretty sure I will be humming this tune for the next week or so)

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