Monday, November 19, 2012

Life Lately

Hello Lovelies!! Happy Monday. I apologize I have been MIA and might be until the end of this week. I have been busy creating Black Friday ads, rummaging estate sales, and seeing my brothers show (twice this weekend) - IT WAS FANTASTIC BY THE WAY!! I am continually blown away by how much he is improving in his music, dancing, and acting. I know I am his sister and all...but seriously, the kid is going to make it big. Haha. Seriously though! I wish I had some video to prove it. I feel a vlog coming on...

I have Thursday and Friday off this week and I am beyond excited about it. I have so many of your lives to seriously catch up on! Is it weird that my blogging friends come up in my every day convo's with people who don't even know them? I really just miss you all. I am so thankful for Instagram because at least I can stay semi up to date when I have been away from my computer.

Good things are happening this four day weekend:
1. Family, friends, and food - of course!!
2. Staying in my pj's and catching up on all of your lives in the blogging world!
3. Black Friday - mainly excited for the thrift sales.
4. Seeing Breaking Dawn pt. 2 &&&&& the new Abe Lincoln movie.

Abrahammy is equally excited about his namesake's movie - trust me! Tehehe.

5. Starting research and branding for my online store!
6. Creating an inventory of my pyrex....yeah, it has gotten that bad. On the plus side - it will help me figure out what is heading to etsy ;]

Pretty darn excited. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have some fun things in store for the up coming week. Take care!
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