Monday, September 10, 2012


For anyone who hates the phrase - Yolo - "you only live once", sorry, haha. It was the theme of my weekend, or at least Saturday night because we found my friends Yolo glasses in his car. I had a nice relaxing weekend. I hope you all did as well. Friday night Brian and I stayed in and watched Braveheart, Saturday I ran errands with the ladies and then visited my friends Billy and Lindy later that night. I wish I lived closer to them. We all met in college and always have a blast catching up. I know I have only been out of school for slightly less than a year buttttt it sure does stink having all your friends spread across the state.

Anywho... Saturday night consisted of friends, midnight doughnuts at Spunky Dunkers - best name ever, aaaaand nickel sized spiders. All in all a GREAT night :]

This weekend is my Mama's birthday and my dad is in town for the week. Needless to say things will be busy on my end. I am loving this beautiful and cooler weather though - major plus.

How are things looking for you this week? Any fun plans?
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