Monday, February 13, 2012

Most Wanted Mondays - Lovey dovey

Hi All. I thought I would jump on the Valentines day badwagon for at least a few posts. I am not one of those girls to go overboard for the holiday. I love chocolate - don't get me wrong, but standing in the aisle full of hearts and what not kind of gets my head spinning. But for those of you who like all the mushy gushy love stuff, here is some cute Valentines day stuff :]

1. ASOS - Moschino Cheap & Chic Heart Scarf.

2. ASOS - twenty-seven names Heartbreaker Silk Midi Dress.

3. ASOS - ASOS Big Hearts Sheer Tights.

4. Fred Flare - Betsey Johnson Pink Patch Love Cropped Cardigan.

5. Fred Flare - Heart Shaped Sunglasses.

6. ModCloth - Find It in Your Heart Handbag.

7. ModCloth - Keep 'Em Perforated Heel.

8. ModCloth - How Could You Nantes? Dress.

9. Vpauld - Vintage Valentine Reproduction Trick Dog Dachshund.

10. Nasty Gal - Heartbreaker Dress.

11. Nasty Gal - Ikat Heart Blouse - Black.

For Valentines day I plan on telling you a little about the man in my life :] Until then, have a great day!
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