Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting ready to go


I just got back home last night to start preparing for my trip. Wednesday night Brian and I said our goodbyes over a nice dinner. I haven't used my polaroid camera in far too long so I pulled it out for the occasion. Brian isn't in to having his picture taken in public (at least by me) so I had the roomie take a couple before we headed out. The last photo pretty much sums us up and how thrilled he was to take the photos.

When I called my bank to give them a heads up about going on my vacation the guy on the other line went on a 5 minute tangent at a million miles an hour about the Edo period. Yikes. On top of that I got his whole back story about how he is super white and Buddhist, yadda, yadda, yadda, he would never go to Japan now because he hats anime. I hope he got to putting the right info in the computer. Haha.

To do list before I leave:
1. Find some luggage
2. Pack...ugh.
3. Get my hurrr did
4. Charge my ipod - the poor thing hasn't been updated in literally 3 years.
5. Find some goodies for the 13ish hour flight
6. Do my taxes, whoops

I am sort of excited for the flight, kind of not. To keep me entertained I am sure I will watch 3 to 4 movies like last time. In addition I plan to work out fun plans for my blog for the upcoming months. Hmmm, giveaway with goodies from Japan? I am going to try to make this happen.

Image source: inventorspot. Green tea kitkat anyone?

Anywho, I will catch up on blog stuff tonight. I am off to run my errands. Have a beautiful Friday everyone!

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