Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My New(ish) Closet

Hey guys! How's it goin? I have been missing Toy Army Tuesday and am planning on brining it back next week, wahoo! Todays post made me miss my toy collection, which sadly, half of is still packed in boxes. Moving is a pain. It always takes me ages to get settled back in. Haha. It has only been 5 months...

I did make some progress a few weeks ago though! I extended my closet :] My room's closet is teeny. I don't think it really qualifies as a closet...it is more of a dent in my wall which can hold a few coats and that is about it. I was tired of having to dig through drawers and boxes for clothes so I FINALLY bought a clothes rack - best decision ever!! It is so nice to quickly see what I own and grab what I want to wear. No longer does my wardrobe explode every time I go to get dressed. *does a happy dance. Anywho. I have seen some bloggers show off their closet so I thought it would be fun to give you a minor tour.


This would be my "closet". As you can see, it only holds coats, sweaters, Ugly Dolls, Domo babies, and a ton of purses. Not much room for anything else. Half of what I own could possibly fit in there technically, but there would no way to pull it back out.

aDSC_0116 aDSC_0134 aDSC_0112 aDSC_0138 aDSC_0137 aDSC_0147

Running low on space I decided to rearrange my room and create an entire wall to play dress up in! It is so much easier getting ready in the morning when you can see everything you own. It may not look like much, but it has been such an improvement. To any of you that lack closet space - I highly recommend purchasing a clothes rack - RIGHT NOW :] I know it is such a simple solution, unfortunately, it only took me 23 years to catch on. Haha.

Next I need to work on my shoes...

How is your closet set up? Is everything neat and orderly? Or is it complete chaos?
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