Monday, December 31, 2012

New Girl - New Year

Hi lovelies! I am back - for real this time. I needed the break until the new year, well, almost new year. I am starting fresh. Just to clear the air - I have been dealing with a break up. I will be fine, but the holiday season was just too much this year and I didn't want to pretend to be happy about things. I also didn't want to bring anyone else down in the process. I never could have imagined that losing someone could hurt this much or for this long, but at least it is a reminder that what we had was real. Everything will be time. I just wanted to get this out and in the open so that I can start moving on with my life.

I had a nice quiet holiday with family and friends. I saw Les Mis Christmas eve and it was fantastic!! I also won front row tickets to The Book of Mormon the day after Christmas - IT WAS AMAZING!!! I definitely want to see the show again if I get the chance. Saturday was my brother's 21st birthday and we went to Medieval Times that was a lot of fun as well. Aaaand now I can't believe that the year is coming to a close. I am pretty darn excited though for this year to end.

Exciting news!!! I am moving to Chicago at the end of January - wahooo! long as everything goes as planned. I will be moving in with two guys from college and it should be an adventure. I am envisioning my life as Zoey Deschanel's character on The New Girl, haha. Alright, not really (to be honest I have only seen two episodes of that show), but it should be a fun change of pace. For today's outfit I thought I would use Jess as my inspiration -

aDSC_0088 aDSC_0097

I should have left my hair wavy to truly go for Jess's look, oh well. I got this dress for Christmas and I love it. It is simple, but the cute bow belt really helps jazz it up. Another positive from all the crazy that has been going on in my life is that I lost all of my college weight - wahoo. Bathing suit season, here I come!

Outfit Details: Dress - Modcloth, Coat, boots & bag - thrifted, Tights - Betsey Johnson.

Tonight I will be spending my New Year's Eve in the city. I am still not entirely sure what I am going to wear, but I can guarantee that it will be sparkly ;]

Have a fun, safe, and happy New Year's everyone!
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