Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thrifted Thursdays - Birds of a feather continued


To continue with my Most wanted Mondays - birds of a feather post I thought it would be only fitting to highlight a few of my owl/bird thrifted finds. These are only a few pieces of the collection - I need to keep some surprises for other Thrifted Thursday posts ;)


Ceramic owls - I bought each on separate occasions, but was lucky enough to find my owl lanterns small twin. The groovy owl with big eyes is my favorite. It looks to pretty with a candle inside of it, it casts little rays of light all across the room. Urban Outfitters had something pretty similar to this awhile back but it was only one color. I bought each for less than $1 :]


Floral Shelving - The shelving unit holding my owls is from a garage sale. My mom picked it up years ago and has sat in our garage ever since. Last year I decided to salvage it. I really love the coloring of it and the pretty floral details on each side. It is pretty old and worn but I think that adds to its charm.

DSC_0192 DSC_0187

Metal peacock pair - Freshman year of college a friend of mine had a beautiful golden pair of these peacocks on her wall. I had always loved them and as luck would have it I found them a year later in a Florida thrift shop. Side note - Florida has the best thrift shops by far! Anywho, so I scooped them up as soon as I saw them. I love the blue, green, and gold combo.

Have any of you thrifted anything neat this week? Please share! Hope you all have a lovely Thursday.

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